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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1146: Operational Report: 25/01/45

The Bluegill hits a tanker, but then is hit herself.

Another day, another wave of planes sent to the bottom of the sea.

Its always a good haul.

We also pick up a cargo ship, what its doing there is beyond me, that's my side of the ocean.

The strikes on Makassar continue.

We then begin unloading troops for the assault.

Another strike at Tavoy begins to break the Japanese defenders, two units disintegrate under our fire, and their AV is dropping like a stone.

We continue to push at Tsingtao. The end is coming here.

We catch up with the force from Kiangtu, and although we take more losses, we destroy a unit.

Quiet in the air, but made up for on the ground. We have enough men down at Makassar to take the base already, so we will hit hard tomorrow. Destroying three Japanese units in a turn is also good. I'm going to give my northern bombers another turn to recover before setting them back to work.