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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1147: Operational Report: 26/01/45

I figured out what the AI was doing with all those subs – rebasing them to Guam so they can get into action quicker.

We are continuing the support for the Tavoy operation.

Which breaks through the last defences there – we can really start cleaning up now.

The carriers find some tankers and hit them hard.

Makassar is heavily fortified, but not well enough to stop our men from causing losses to the ill prepared Japanese defenders.

After months of trying, out of nowhere we take Kendari.

We sink a troop ship. This is always nice.

The next wave goes in an picks off another, that's 500+ men killed.

A third ship goes down in the afternoon.

A shock attack takes Tsingtao, and frees up many men for the advance into Manchuria.

Three more bases are taken, (one in the Philippines without a fight) and I'm bringing the northern bombers back online today, they have replaced their losses, and should be good to return to fire bombing Maebashi.
We gained four hundred points today, and that’s a good thing. We're still down on the base points we lost a few days ago.