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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1149: Operational Report: 28/01/45

Some of our sub hunters use all their ammo on a Japanese sub.

The bombers have another poor day.

We fight off another suicide run on our carriers.

I'm shocked to see the next wave actually get in sight of the carriers!

There are many more small waves, and the kills mount up over the day.

Our bombers make a few attack runs on Manila, but are unable to break through the CAP.

We also cripple a supply ship in Naga.

The troops there need to rest unfortunately.

We take San Jose, one of the less defended bases.

Another base added to our list, this is all good. The base points drop a little, but we still gain 77 points. 79 enemy planes shot down today, and I'm still nowhere near cracking Manila. They have so many planes there.

Decoy Badger posted:

So spending a few hours sending single cargo ships to every single base you control could potentially shoot up base points by several thousand? It'd be pretty funny if getting the aircraft mechanics at Rangoon their ice cream had more impact on the war than nuking Japan.

Not a bad idea actually. I know a lot of the islands in the mid pacific are low on supplies.