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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1150: Operational Report: 29/01/45

The subs are really getting back into the war, but the Japanese ASW ships are also there.

Missing a cruiser hurts.

The superforts take to the air once more, and do nothing.

I suddenly switch targets to his the Maebashi airfield, trying to suppress their planes. Not a bad start to this plan either.

The avengers take to the air once more and hit a cargo ship hard. I would have preferred the cruiser.

The forces fleeing Tavoy are hounded by our bombers.

We take our toll of planes once more.

We also get a hit on another LST.

The second day of the battle of Naga swings solidly in my favour.

Things are progressing along, the damage to the Maebashi airfield needs another day or two before it begins to affect the defences in the area – and then I still think some planes will come in from Tokyo.
In other news, my base points come back somewhat and I gain 750 points! This game.