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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1152: Operational Report: 31/01/45

The bombers continue their work on the retreating Japanese forces.

At Pisanuloke, our second Division has moved up, and we begin to break the enemy.

We lose several planes hitting the Maebashi airfield.

The Croaker croaks another Japanese ship.

As normal, we take out some attacking planes.

The Japanese bombard us at Naga, but we put down horrific counter battery fire and cause some severe damage to them.

Our carriers near Celebes find a troop convoy – is this trying to retake Kendari? Well, not any more its not. Its not looking good for the Kinugasa either!

The superstack in China goes back into action, with inevitable results. I'm going to assume that the 12th Tank regiment is no more.

Okay, that was less combat than I promised, as one of the of the bases I targeted apparently had no defenders. Another I am invading in the DEI also seems to be free of defenders – as planned.

Time to start policing up the small bases.