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Part 1153: Operational Report: 01/02/45

The Kingfish hits a cargo ship full of fuel oil.

There is only one plane in the air over Maebashi, maybe this tactic is working?

The Japanese still have at least one sub left.

And she is having a good day.

The bombers go out in force, and really lay into the defenders of Pisanuloke. Oddly enough, I seem to remember giving them a different target.

This is enough to allow our men to break them, taking the last base in inland Thailand.

We finish the job we started yesterday, and claim another Japanese cruiser.

We have men in Dadjangas, and they are starting to take the base.

That's two more bases, one without a fight, and things are going well. But lets get into the overview of the last month.

We gained another 4441 points on the Japanese this month, which is not terrible, but its not great either. It is interesting to see that the Japanese score has been increasing steadily since around March 1942, while our own has been sky-rocketing in the six months.

We took 24 bases over the last month, which is a healthy rate.

The Japanese lost nearly 800 more troop points this month than we did, which shows that the balance of power has firmly swung in my direction.

They also lost five hundred points worth of planes more than me.

Finally when we look at the ships, we lost 21 to the Japanese 68 – and that's just the confirmed ones!

And here is the map!

Click here for the full 2000x1601 image