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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1156: Operational Report: 04/02/45

I'm trying night bombing with the B-29's again, to see if it works any better. Unfortunately they come in in drips and drabs this first night.

The Barb hits a cargo ship.

After annihilating the enemy's air power, we start on their troops.

We find the remains of that troop convoy, and put more ordinance into it. The next wave sees the ship sink with another 350 Japanese on board.

After a busy few days, things quieten down for a time. Not that I have been quiet, I spend ten minutes or so replacing lost pilots in the carrier groups – because that's something you have to do manually for every squadron. I'm also sending supplies up to Urrupu-jima, but this time I'm sending a carrier force with them!
I also move a load of ships around.