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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1157: Operational Report: 05/02/45

The Superforts have another go, but many still get lost.

The Gato gets another hit, but is hit herself many times.

The Barb is still doing her stuff as well.

The Japanese scrape some planes together, but it doesn’t end well.

I like this because each of these planes is a point for me, and I like points.

Suppression, the Allied way.

We clear the roadblock with the super stack – 100,000 to 500. not worth screen capping, we then attack Tsinsen with new troops – unfortunately not fresh troops.

I've started sending supply ships out to all the small and forgotten bases, to see if I can generate a few more points. I also realize I have a fair few small units scattered over the place. I need to condense these. Ships are being sent to Pearl and then onwards.