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by Grey Hunter

Part 1159: Operational Report: 07/02/45

The Japanese make a strike on Urrupu-jima, which I thought they would be doing with all their might, seeing as the amount of damage I've done to them from here.

This is more what I wanted from the Superfortresses.

Its somewhat costly, but these are planes destroyed that will not hurt me tomorrow.

The Sunfish gets its hit.

The Japanese attack our Naga force with a large force of their own, but one day of having aviation support in Legaspi makes all the difference.

The Naga force is making progress, but slowly. The Japanese are losing more squads than we are, and they can't hold us for long.

The number of casualties starts to increase – a sure sign that the enemy disruption is high.

So the bombing runs on the airfield in Yokohama were a success, I'm setting the Liberators to hit the Maebashi airfield as well. Lets see if we can hurt them.

41% damaged in one day, that's not bad at all. After another day of that, I'll change on group to hit the city.