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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 116: Operational Report: 01/04/42

There seems to be something of the bullheadedness in the enemy today, as they sail their carrier into range of Wake, before realizing their mistake and turning around.

This threat forces the unloading ships to stop trying to unload their planes - something they have failed to do for the last week – and flee for Pearl Harbour.

This leads the planes from the Shokaku to attack Wake itself.

The Imperial Air Force continue to try and break our supply lines.

The dive bombers continue to wreck the enemy ships on the other side of the Peninsula.

They return in the afternoon to put a bomb into the other ship they see. Its just unfortunate these are supply ships rather than troop ships, but a damaged ship is a damaged ship.

And we're seeing a load of damaged ships.

Soerabaja comes under carrier attack, and the Dutch sub refuelling in the harbour is sunk along with an empty minelayer.

We also lose an American submarine, the Stingray, but I lost the screenshot.

That was a quiet day, and it could have been so much better, if the captain of the Portland had any balls.

Its also annoying that today is apparently “Upgrade all the submarine hunters day” - and my nice empty shipyard at Pearl harbour is now overworked once more.

But, today's the best day for a quiet day, for it is monthly summery day!