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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1160: Operational Report: 08/02/45

The Bluefish sets a tanker on fire.

The Jack then gets a second one.

It soon turns into a good day for the sub fleet.

We hit the Maebashi airfield again.

When we hit Yokohama, we see no planes in the air, this is a sign that my plan here has worked.

The next wave puts the nail in the coffin, and levels what is left of the airfield.

More planes throw themselves at our carriers.

We continue to grind down the Naga defenders, I'm hoping to see them break in the next few days.

In Manturia, that advance force is finally reinforced, and they advance in style.

Time to start hitting the manpower in Yokohama, lets see if we can start scoring some more points. Base points drop again, losing me 700 odd points. Ah well, time to burn some of Japan to get them back. We did take another base as well.