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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1164: Operational Report: 12/02/45

We strike Mergui again, tomorrow I'll hit the airfield again to make sure none of those squadrons get away.

The Legaspi runway is still damaged, and the Japanese manage to slip some planes through the CAP. This is bloody for them of course, but not as bloody as I would have liked.

The next wave is dealt with properly, and had some larger planes in it.

We see off three more waves before one gets through.

The invasion force comes under attack again, but their flak gunners can see off the few Betties of the first wave.

The next wave in the afternoon hits the King George V with a single small bomb.

Then the torpedoes come in.

We take another base in Celebes.

We hit both the airfield and the city today, which causes some nice damage.

Owch, more torps. At least we're still moving forwards everywhere else.