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Part 1166: Operational Report: 14/02/45

Bad things happen to the Runner. This is going to be a high points loss day, isn't it?

We hit Mergui hard again, this is going to make it impossible for them to get the squadrons out – the Japanese may get tonnes of planes, but killing the squadrons is really going to hurt them.

We're also racking up a few more points.

What. The. Hell?

Their using their CARRIER planes as Kamikazes? Its a shame they got this troop convoy though. My brain is broken from the fact they are wasting valuable planes like this,

Well, as expected, today was expensive. 164 points lost net, but that's only part of the story.

The Japanese carrier wasted a lot of planes, but got their kills. The Renown going down sates your lust for a battleship loss.