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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1167: Operational Report: 15/02/45

I'm still moving forwards in the Philippines, and land troops at another (hopefully) undefended base.

Of course, the Japanese hit these ships as best they can. There are lots of raids, but no bombs above 100lb hit, and only a few of those.

Another toll is taken from the airfield.

The two Indian divisions operating deep inland take Uttaradit – and continue to reduce the Japanese forces in Thailand.

We are also landing troops at Balikpapan, where they have some planes, and a base of worth.

I get the Radio Anne broadcast telling me I have landed men here, and should expect thousands of casualties. She also tells me how to pronounce the place.

To the south, we take Pare Pare.

That was a better day, we also took a base near Java that was undefended, these undefended ones are a great use of a small unit with little AV – I can get a few points with little cost. The other thing of interest is this.

This must be the Japanese carrier force. Low on planes after their wasteful attacks. I have moved these carriers south and have thrown together another force in Rabaul that is moving up to meet them. This could be interesting. The carriers near Urrupu-jima are also nearing their destination, so we will see what air power the Japanese have waiting for us there as well.
I think we may be breaking a few records for planes killed this month.