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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1168: Operational Report: 16/02/45

We continue to unload at Bali. The Japanese attack us, and hit the main AA fire ship.

The carrier is still around, and should be in position for us to catch her soon.

Airfield suppressed, I switch back to softening up the ground forces.

Reinforcements arrive at Tientsin, and decide to shock attack. They take some losses, but we take out some forts, meaning that tomorrow will be easier. We also have troops in the base to the south, and it seems undefended.

So not the day full of carrier killing I was hoping for, and the bombers are on rest until I can build their numbers up. The hope is once I have Hokkaido, I can use it to base fighters to help me reduce the remaining cities quickly. But that's in the future.