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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 117: Operational Report: 02/04/42

The Japanese finally respond to our invasion of Guadalcanal – by sending the Aoba and two destroyer escorts in to the massed ships unloading the few remaining troops and supplys to our forces.

The three cruisers and three destroyers we have in the area respond, but the sheer number of friendly ships in the area limits their options, they do drive the enemy ships off, but not before losing three ships. These ships were supply ships, and only a few guns and armoured vehicles were lost.
But this has the effect the enemy wanted, and our ships retire towards Sydney, and the men on Guadalcanal are now on their own for a while.

Over Port Moresby, the enemy send in some Helen bombers, we've not seen these before.

After running into our ten plane CAP, we do have several to look at, as long as you don't mind looking at wreckage.
I know I don't.

We send out the dive bombers once more, and once more, we get a solid hit. We may not be sinking many of these ships, but we're going to taxing the hell out of the Japanese shipyards.

Now that I've recalled the P-400's from Soerabaja, the enemy are making the most of it, sending over a massed raid.

While their ground forces throw themselves at our defences and get beaten back.

The invasion of Sumatra is going slowly, but the enemy take Medan today.

The Greyback finds the curse of the US torpedoes when hunting off the Marshall Islands.

While a large raid hits Eniwetok, but cannot do much more than damage the runway.

Our planes are now being massed in Chattagong, and make their first sally south in a good while. They don't see any targets, but at least its a start.

The Japanese 18th Division takes Shwebo today, meaning the invasion of India cannot be to far away.

The raids on the supply airbase continue, and our old fighters have trouble getting high enough to engage the modern Japanese bombers.

The enemy at Sinyang have resorted to bombarding our men, I'm going to look to see if we need to go on the offensive at this time, as the last few days have been quiet in China.

Another fairly quiet day, the enemy ships at Guadalcanal and air raids mean we have a large number of ships on the kill board today.

At least most of them are of little value.

In China, I order attacks at Sinyang, Shaoying and Nanchang. So it should be busy there tommorow.

Lets take a look at my defences on the Indian border. The main force is at Chattagong.

30,000 men, with the 23rd Indian division forming the backbone of the force. This should be able to stop any enemy force in the area, as the area now has a level 3 fort, meaning that if the enemy does attack in the area, it could become as bloody for them as China.

Unfortunately, we know that they have at least a Division is Shwebo, luckily. I just got the 26th Indian.

Poorly lead, green and with next to no will to fight, these men are being shipped out to Imphal, as soon as I replace Hiremath with someone who knows what their doing.

I also have a couple of brigades of Australians that I'm going to send to try and give these men a bit more fight.