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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1170: Operational Report: 18/02/45

We see a couple of cruisers during the night, but they keep away from our carrier force.

The Japanese turn and flee, and run into the other carrier force! Here they engage at long range and hit the Victorious twice before fleeing once more.

Both carriers are still alive, as I thought, but we hit the Shinano hard, blasting her flight deck to ruins.

Our afternoon raid hits them hard, and both ships are now doomed.

The enxt wave has torps, and claims the Shinano and cripples the Akagi further when he fuel stores catch fire.

We also lay some hurt on the cruisers we saw overnight.

At Busuanga, we see lots of small raids, some level bombing, some Kamikaze. The ships there take more hits.

The carriers off the coast of Japan are still causing trouble. The supplies are now landing at Urrupu-jima, giving the bombers there a life supply.

The carriers catch a supply convoy and cripple it.

The Japanese are invading the Philippines! Again! They are landing troops at Legaspi with at least six task forces, and using LSTs.

Okkkayy. We got a carrier, and the Japanese are invading to retake a base. This is an odd turn. 750 points gained though, that's not bad.

Now to get the other one tomorrow.