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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1172: Operational Report: 20/02/45

We run into one of the remaining cruiser today, but it decides not to go down in a blaze of glory!

We hit the cruiser again in our first raid, penetrating the armour.

They then finish her off with three rapid torpedo strikes.

The other group is a lone destroyer.

The supply convoy at Urrupu-jima comes under attack. They deal with the first wave, no thanks to the fighters.

The next wave gets a hit, and I think my carriers have moved a little to far east.

The Japanese make another pass at one of our island hopping groups, but their back in air support range, and in no real danger.

They prevent another few raids hitting our ships as well.

We hit the enemy in Tientsin once more. They must collapse soon!

We claimed another cruiser, but many of the ships damaged in the last few days go down, which hurts my score somewhat.

As soon as the Akagi turns up, I'll get a good jump in points – she's sunk, its just taking the game a while to recognise that.

Tomorrow we have fresh troops in Bangkok – the super stack has arrived! We also have reached Mergi!