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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1173: Operational Report: 21/02/45


You goddamn useless destroyers! Two! TWO torpedoes?! Didn't I see this story two years ago?

The bombers support the attack on Mergui.

The defenders of Mergui cannot even hold the base for one day. We take out the remaining squadrons there.

We take down the last destroyer. Now none of the ships the Japanese sent to raid me are returning home it seems.

The enemies collapse at Tientsin continues.

While we finally bring the manpower we need to bare on Bangkok and take that city as well!

Well, that was a day, two major bases taken an another Japanese planes 129 wreaked on the ground – and their squadrons with them. That's the last air power in Burma destroyed. We also take another base somewhere without a fight.

And then there is this.