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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1175: Operational Report: 23/02/45


Seriously? The carrier is doing a piss-poor job at protecting these ships.

I try a high level bombing run, but I think that I need to rest up the bombers again after today.

Got to keep the pressure up, while I want to march south, I need to stop these guys from just marching back in if I do so.

Having allowed my men to rest up for a time, they being to attack Balikpapan – I'm still not sure I have the men here to reduce the enemy down.

I'm mixing things up here, and trying some Pursuit orders. Three Corps – over 1200 AV, follow the retreating Japanese forces. I'm now wondering if it should have been more.

The Akagi is confirmed sunk today, but I get no extra points, so it looks like I got them earlier.

I come to a realization – there are certain US carrier names I apparently hate.