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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1177: Operational Report: 25/02/45

Well, this is a good start to the day!

The same force then runs into a mine layer.

Wait, is that another carrier? What do they have left?

We deal with the afternoon raid better, but still take several hits.

For those wondering, yes, I do have a carrier group nearby.

We finally advance further north towards Atimonan.

With the cargo ships gone from Urrupu-jima, I sweep the carriers north for some kills. We also spot a crusier.

For some reason these flights are not being escorted, and we pay for that here.

Although the Japanese fighters can't be everywhere.

Right, time to hunt down that Japanese carrier and sink it, I want my third kill of the month for those things. Its been a slow scoring month otherwise, and its annoying me.

I have no idea why the Kako is on there, its not like she even get hit.