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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 118: Operational Report: 03/04/42

The Plunger makes a surface attack on a freighter off the coast of Japan.

The submarine takes a couple of hits and is forced to withdraw, but not before it leaves the enemy ship burning.

The near daily bombing of our supply base continues, and still our planes are not able to bag any of the enemy bombers.

The battle of Tsiaotso continues to simmer.

With good leadership and the advantage of the terrain, our men continue to inflict heavy losses on the advancing Japanese.

Our own push at Singyang is also repulsed, but we at least learn that the enemy is still there in numbers, and is only using a portion of their forces to attack.

We also take some losses in the attack near Chuhsien.

But the attack at Nanchang is a success, as we kill or capture 3,400 men for the loss of three hundred of our own.

As does the attack at Shaohing, once more pushing back the 8th Armoured Car company.

This seems to clear our way to advance on both Ningpo and Hangchow. We also occupy the undefended base at Wenchow.

The Helen's return to Port Moresby.

Once again, we bag five of them before the rest make an ineffectual attack.

Guadalcanal goes well for us, and we kill a number of Japanese troops without a recorded loss on our side.

We send some light bombers out to strike at Cox's Bazaar, but run into two squadrons of Oscars.

Eniwetok comes under attack once more from the bombers.

The Japanese score drops for a second time, and the offensive is continuing to go well in China.
Unfortunately, the day is not without loss.

The Detroit succumbs to its wounds.

I set the next wave of attacks in China.

I've now pretty much secured the interior of China. The next phase is to push the enemy out to the coast and secure the area. Then I can see what my options are.

I don't expect to be able to do all this, but its nice to have a long term plan.