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Part 1183: Operational Report: 03/03/45

The Bugara hits a Japanese light cargo ship, then evades reprisals.

The super forts are trying other targets, trying to find an undefended are to bomb.

My bombers go out in force once more. I may well rest them now, I need to keep my losses down, so I'll see about moving them up – Rangoon has over 25,000 supply now, so is a viable base for them.

The Japanese make an attack on my ships unloading in Java, but can't get a hit.

The enemy try and balance things up at legaspi – at the moment, neither side has the forces to attack.

This quickly turns into a poor day for them.

Our forces move out of China, and immediately roll over the defenders there.

More action today, and we're advancing on a few fronts. We shot up the Japanese in the Phillipines and I'm putting most of my bombers on stand down orders – I need to replace key forces. I also disband a few west coast units to refresh the pool a bit.

gohuskies posted:

There is a small automatic increase in supply but if you want to flood China with supplies, you need to get the supplies to Rangoon by boat or rail so that they can move along the Burma road. Rangoon is still in range of Japanese planes which kamikaze every convoy going into harbor and the rail and road connection from Calcutta to Rangoon is not massive. Additionally, supplies that go to Rangoon are also being sent down into Indochina for the fighting around Bangkok or to supply the air forces fighting in Burma and Indochina, which take away from the supplies available to send down the road.

Rangoon is secure now, but I can only ship so many supplies in - it has about 28,000 atm, but never seems to get any higher than that.

Ilanin posted:

The idea that a Hollywood movie would acknowledge the existence of the British seems far more implausible to me than anything else that's happened during this war.

Saving Private Ryan - the entire mention of the British & Canadian forces
"Montys taking his time moving on Caen."