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by Grey Hunter

Part 1186: Operational Report: 06/03/45

Things look poor for the Sabalo, and she gets a dud hit to make it all the worse.

It seems that the Japanese are still trying to load fuel despite the fact I have troops in Balikpapan. We make them pay for this.

Once again, the avengers attached to the escort carriers feel left out, and get themselves a kill.

We land troops at Soerabaja, but things go poorly – mostly disrupted squads, but I don't think these guys have the planning I thought they did.

The Japanese attack, but I have planned this well, and even with heavy casualties we have the men ashore to make them pay.

I try to land some supplies at Mergui, but this seems to be in range of the enemies Betties.

The Betties may not get any hits, but the Jill's that follow them do.

Planes out of Legaspi hit an enemy task force. They sink one LST and cripple another.

We immediately hit them with another wave, bringing three more ships down.

The Soreabaja landings make for some action, and we bagged a good number of ships today.

Shame none of them are worth any real points.