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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1187: Operational Report: 07/03/45

We continue to unload at Soerabaja, and once more I hate the fact that this place has about three different spellings!

The Japanese respond to this with a Submarine attack – but its torpedoes miss, and we hit it hard in return.

The carrier group hits another tanker.

Then another.

Meanwhile, more troops are landed at Balikpapan to try and break the deadlock.

Its seems that there are level 9 forts at Soreabaja. This one may take a while. I may well have to march the ground troops up here as well.

We try sweeping Manila, but with less effects than I would have liked.

We also hold off their bomber attacks.

The next wave gets through, but not without cost.

Our forces advance north once more, but cannot break the enemy today – they make them pay however, and the long term situation is not good for the Japanese.

I try once more to get supplies into Urrupu-jima.

Not a bad day. We took a few hits I would rather not have taken, but overall, we are doing damage to the Japanese.
So guess what! The base points just drop again and I lose 900 points! Seriously, this is getting annoying. I just wish I could know what changed this turn.