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Part 119: Operational Report: 04/04/42

The enemy are getting much bolder, they sail a cruiser and a destroyer into Port Moresby harbour itself.

The two ships catch the supply ships by surprise, and sink two of them, and the other ships escape with heavy damage. We now need to know how these ships got here unnoticed, this is a massive hole in our scouting ring, and should never have happened.

It is now looking like we are seeing the last days of effective resistance in Java, as the defenders of Soerabaja are pushed back once more.

Wake is once more bombarded by the Imperial Navy, I hope that the carriers get there soon to prevent these constant raids from causing all the damage that they are.

They apparently think that this is enough damage for the small island for one day, so concentrate all of their planes on Eniwetok.

The runway there is now unusable, as is the one at Wake, so I'm definitely going to need the carriers there to give some air support.

We have a visit from the Japanese bombers in Calcutta today.

I was not expecting this, and all the fighters in the city have been on training missions for the last few weeks, so they get in and out before we can get any planes into the air.

While the troops that are retreating north from Rangoon are bombed today.

Its slow progress going north, but I'm hoping these men can take Akyab, capture some supplies there and then march towards Chittagong for some much deserved rest.
At this rate though, this will take several more weeks, if not months.

The I-15's and I16's finally get a kill today after days of trying.

In the north east, I see a chance to take another minor base off the small force defending it, and do so.

That raid on Port Moresby accounts for most of the losses today.

I need to move more scout planes there, and am looking to do so now.