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Part 1190: Operational Report: 10/03/45

The Trench picks up another hit.

The bombers take to the air to hit Maebashi once more.

The second wave does the real damage, and I hope to actually score some point this turn.

The Tennessee is hit several times by Kamakazi.

The good times for the CVE's has to end sometime as well.

We do get another tanker kill though.

At Soerabaja the Japanese launch a Banzai attack on our forces, but it goes horribly wrong for them.

The Balikpapan attacks continue to make ground, the Japanese AV is evaporating now.

A second Banzai attack is made at Mukden, which is even more costly for the Japanese than the Soerabaja one. Our units counter attack, killing 500 troops and destroying a Japanese unit for the cost of 250 of our own men.

Atimonan falls to our troops today, Manila is almost in sight.

We also see a small attack at Legaspi which is followed by most if not all of the Japanese forces being wiped out by attrition.

So a brutal and highly effective day for me, how many thousand base points did I lose this time?
Well, we gained 50 there, and 222 overall, but we are still over a thousand in the hole after the last three days.