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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1195: Operational Report: 15/03/45

Seeing as we have just wiped out their last unit to land, the Japanese kindly supply us with fresh cannon fodder, We have a guy here who speaks Japanese, and he's using a captured radio telling the Japanese high command how well the landing it going, and to keep sending in the troops.

The Snook hits another tanker.

We top the fires up once more.

The Japanese strike at Legaspi, and we see a fairly major fight erupt.

Ships are sailing, carriers (six of them, plus CVL's and CVE's) are heading up to clear the area, and we are advancing. Things look good.

nimby posted:

If Operation Reef results in a massive(ly hilarious) failure, Grey's going to need to Saratoga and everything else he can dredge up.

Basically I'm wagering three years of my life on a showy invasion.