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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1197: Operational Report: 17/03/45

I hate this submarine.

Our men have advanced, and they send the Japanese running.

This sub I like though.

The Privateers hit the airfield again.

While the Libs hit the city – with fewer enemy fighters on show this time.

They go for our troops again, and we shoot them down in good numbers again.

We land another force in the south of Borneo.

Its time to rest up again at Murkden, but once we have had a couple of days of rest, we should be on for a winner.

Another large loss for the Imperial Army there. Shame the base points are still messing me around. I have to hope they will level out soon, as they are really annoying me. Lets hope that the big targets I have lined up will help with that.