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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 120: Operational Report: 05/04/42

How long until I get working torpedoes again?

Once more, The dud torpedoes cost us a prize.

Getting a hit on this ship should have made my day, instead it leaves me mildly angry.

The ships moving supplies to Australia are going to have to be careful now, as the enemy now have long range Betty bombers in Java to raid the seas.

Our own bombers raid Dili once more to no effect.

At least it will look good in the papers.

The Japanese forces at Guadalcanal make an assault to try and throw our men back into the sea.

Calcutta is once more bombed by the enemy. I need to look for some fighter to send here, Maybe Wigglesworth would like a holiday.

Our Fulmar's go out to Cox's Bazzar again today, they meet some defending Oscars, but are able to get the best of them.

At Diego Garcia – an island in the Indian Ocean – is invaded today, the Japanese must be trying to cut our supply lines from Aden and Cape Town.

The defenders there quickly surrender to the enemy, not having been ready for any form of invasion.

The raids on our supply base are meeting more and more resistance, today is an exceptionally good day as we get seven planes into the air.

I'm going to look for some Chinese names on our top pilots list now.

The battle near Chuhsien flares back into life today, and this seems to be one of the few equal battles in the theatre.

Well, not much to comment on in this section, we lost one base and one ship.

I need to organise another assault. I can't allow the enemy to get planes onto Diego Garcia, they would then threaten anything coming out of Cape Town. Lucky for me, the base is very near to Colombo in Ceylon.

I'm sending out a cruiser squadron to take out any ships in the area, and then put together a small assault force of Indians and Australians. It should be enough to storm the island.

If its not been abandoned in another Rossell Island style annoyance attack.