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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1204: Operational Report: 24/03/45

Dawn arrives once more, and the Japanese attacks begin.

The Japanese still have many planes they can get into the air, but we do as well. And our pilots are far better.

More and more planes come in, more and more planes get shot down.

They come in smaller numbers but more numerous raids.

They do see some of our ships, but so far, only one hit has been made on one of our escort carriers (not shown here)

The Urrupu-jima planes also do their job.

We take out some other enemy shipping as well.

Most of our losses come from this attack on their mainland airbase.

We begin unloading troops onto the shores of Kushiro as well.

Bihoro falls with only a small fight, and Operation Reef takes its first beachead.

YES! This is going better than I expected, we have men ashore and the first base – worth 650 points – has fallen to our troops for a few hundred casualties – most of them on the landing. Our base points improve as well – overall, we score nearly 1000 points today.
Their air losses continue to run high, with another 250 planes lost today. Most of our losses come from the Philippines., in lots of minor scraps that I didn't mention.

Some more of the ships damaged yesterday sink, but that's already factored in. I have loaded a large number of fighters – every unit I can buy free from the west coast – and I'm sending them in, its time to get serious.