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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1205: Operational Report: 25/03/45

For some reason, this task force keeps running away.

Release the Kraken! – Also please target something bigger than an escort.

The Redfish lays into its target with its deck gun.

The captain seems to be crazier than I am!

Apparently today is a sub day.

The air attacks begin again, and we continue to drop the enemy planes.

Again there are fewer attacks, and most of them come in without any fighter support.

Wait? The Chitose Maru #2? Is this the second time I've killed this ship?

We also raid the airfields, doing some damage to their runways.

As well as hitting any convoy we can find of course.

We sweep aside the defenders at Kushiro, and the city is now ours.

We hit a ship down here.

Then we find a nice troop convoy – this is either reinforcements for Manila, or the Japanese pulling men out now their homelands are under attack.

They try and hit our carriers, but it goes poorly for them. Several times.

Ho Hum, another day, another part of Japan captured, a bit boring isn’t it?
600 points gained today, which is a good rate, taking us back to where we started the month.

As well as the near 150 planes we shot down, we took out a good number of enemy ships today.