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Part 1206: Operational Report: 26/03/45

We slam another torp into a merchant.

The Japanese throw more planes at us.

They are mostly unescorted bombers, of which many turn back before we can gun most of them down, but enemy casualties mount over the day.

We continue to go after any ship we can find.

We also take the first loss of Operation Reef – surprise surprise, its an escort carrier!

Once again, the carriers fail to provide the cover they are supposed to, and the attack fleet pay.

It does not take much to take out one of the LCI's. And there are literally dozens of enemy attacks. They do switch to throwing planes away attacking the carriers after a while.

We begin landing men at Muroran, despite the loss of many ships this day.

We pick off another tanker down here. To be fair, its chances of making it north are getting slimmer all the time.

We land more troops at Soerabaja, and more march up from Malang, and the attack today makes great progress.

We continue to deal with Japanese attacks on Legaspi.

We make some progress at Lucena as well.

We hit Mukden again, and make a little progress - once the combat troops are gone, we should be able to break the city quickly.

That was a brutal day – the Carriers failed to supply the cap I was expecting, and the ships attacking Muroran paid for it. We did kill another 212 planes today, but at what cost?

It was a bad, bad day to be on a CVE.

BoxOfAids posted:

Supposedly that was to be worked on, re-hosting a bunch of those images that have gone down. Not sure if anything came of that or if it's going to be a "whenever it happens" kind of thing. Realistically, you can probably hunt down the first post with images on it and start from there and I'm sure it'll be fine... or even just jump around and read a few chunks of updates here and there until you get mostly up to date.

Yeah, someone said they would look into automating it, so nothing really happened after that.