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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1207: Operational Report: 27/03/45

The Blockhead takes a hit – I have no idea why I lose so many escort carriers!

Another tanker bites the dust.

Followed by another in the evening.

We are causing some nice losses at Lucena, but the men there seem to be cut off now!

Despite the fact that there are three fleet carriers sitting right next door, there are no planes in the air to protect this fleet.

As you can guess, this gets bloody quick, and I am going to leave the damage report until the end. TLDR version – its painful.

The carriers do come under attack, and they seem to be hoarding their planes.

It doesn’t stop the wave after wave of Japanese planes finding a gap.

We try and revenge some of the ship losses.

I'm not sure this tanker kill will redress today's balance.

We the Japanese hard at Mukden, trading lives for combat effectivness – their break point is coming.

Owch, Owch owch owch owch owch.
That's about 100 kamikaze hits, unless I got lucky on one of those ships was carrying squadrons. They also lost 160 planes in the air – a grand total of 300 planes total.

This cost us fourteen ships, and one CVE in the DEI that sank from wounds received a while back. In the cold maths of war however, I still came out 100 points on top.

Hmm, at least two units planning an attack on Shanghai – that sounds like a good response to an invasion of the home islands.