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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1209: Operational Report: 29/03/45

A Japanese cruiser and destroyer escort raids our landing at night, some of our losses come when panicking landing ships crash into each other. I have no idea where the protecting ships are.

The Piranha hits a cargo ship, but is badly damaged in return.

The superforts hit a new target.

The fleeing convoy is hit again.

The Yamato is still afloat, and back in range of friendly air cover.

Seriously? Fifty planes in the air and you can't stop four planes?

We hit the port and airfield at Hakodate, and we find a whole mess of crusiers.

We begin landing troops at Wakkanai, but the enemy are putting up more of a fight now – the surprise is over.

We torpedo another ship.

The Japanese attack our trapped force at Lucena, but we massively outnumber them, and cut them down as they come.

Dammit!Its always the CVE's!

With Soerabaja going well, I am landing men at Semarang – I would go further north, but this would invite air attack.

The invasion of Hokkaido is getting bloody, but we now have enough men ashore at Wakkanai to take it – then I'll reload the troops and head to the next base! We gain six hundred points before we even take it as well. 104 planes destroyed on the ground is nice, I'm not sure where that comes from.

Shame we're losing ships still.