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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1211: Operational Report: 31/03/45

Deckguns – I'm not the only one to use them.

The Devilfish gets two good hits, but cannot escape the destroyers.

The Japanese try and hit one of our bases, but we are able to hold them off- although I am annoyed that a hundred planes can't stop the Japanese from seeing our ships!

At least the are getting some combat experience!

We have moved some bombers up, and they make a strike on Hakodate.

Bombs rain down around the Aoba but we don't get a hit.

The Japanese have parked a cruiser off Kushiro, we pay it a visit.

Then we hit it again, harder.

We also get a measure of revenge on their smaller ships for their massacre of the landing boats yesterday.

This sub makes sure it gets a kill.

She follows this up with a deck gun attack.

The Japanese attack our troops at Lucena again – who are being kept alive by their own will and air supply from the south. How long they can keep this up I do not know.

The Japanese defences at Soreabaja are collapsing.

A much quieter day – no suicide attacks, no naval attacks on my ships, I dealt most of the damage and I feel good for it.

This is more what I want to see!