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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1215: Operational Report: 04/04/45

Those cruisers take another crack at our landings, but with destroyers in the areas, the captains decide that their damaged ships are no up to the task.

The Parche hits one of the Japanese older cruisers, doing some heavy damage.

All the Japanese cruisers are out now, and another is hit blockading Kushiro.

We also see our bombers going out on city attacks – twin engine bombers bombing the mainland!

We then get back to hitting cruisers.

Then we hit Ominato, smashing one of their subs!

We pick off another cargo ship.

We hit them at Mukden once more. Their ability to fight has to collapse soon!

Things are just not happening outside of Japan, at least Japan itself is interesting! Our base points improve and we gain another 500 points today, and are now 50,000 points ahead of the Japanese (31,500 to win).

That's one cruiser, time to bag some more.