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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1218: Operational Report: 07/04/45

We pick off another cargo ship limping home.

We then hit another tanker.

Come morning, we hit another, setting it on fire.

We continue to pick off any planes the Japanese send against us – the task force they are hitting is transferring aviation support units in, making our ability to fight all the greater.

We continue to hit Sapporo, the airfield there is taking a pounding, as are the troops on the ground.

The forces that retreated from Kushiro are caught and hit hard.

Taytay falls to our forces without loss.

Lucena continues to go well, as we reduce their fortifications, supplies continue to be a problem however – there is a long road to move them up!

Well, that was a good day for advancing, we also took another base in Java that had flipped back while we were taking Soreabaja.