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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 122: Operational Report: 07/04/42

Soreabaja is bombed, but we manage to take one of the planes out with our flack.

This is a small victory, but its something.
The second wave is met with the same.

But we are unable to stop the major raid by a carrier that seems to be basing itself in the area.

Make that two carriers.

The ground troops hold off and bombard today, but still manage to cause over two hundred casualties to the defenders of the now shattered city or Soerabaja.

Guadalcanal continues nicely.

At this rate, its going to be a good while before we take the islands.

As we're having a slow day, I'll show the daily raid on Efate, these planes are going to be a major threat to the invasion force I'm putting together to invade Luganville.

The retreating troops are continually harassed by bombers, but they fail to do any damage today.

Those bastard tanks continue to storm up the front of Burma.

South of Chuhsien, the enemy push once more, and take the requisite heavy losses.

At Sinyang I ordered an assault, as the enemy have been holding off for the last few days,

I really have to learn to not do that.

Really, I do – although I don't remember ordering this one.

The on off attacks at Kwajalein continues.

A very quiet day in the air, and not much happening beyond some failed assaults in China. We're going to have to accept some days like this.

But you know that it could all kick off again tomorrow, this is just how wars go.