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by Grey Hunter

Part 1223: Operational Report: 12/04/45

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.

The bombing of Sapporo continues – points be mine!

It seems that the Japanese won't stop trying to land supplies.

It seems we will have to continue trying to dissuade them.

There goes another of those annoying destroyers.

A Japanese tank regiment attacks the Dutch troops I've landed as part of the Allied program. It goes poorly for them.

The Dutch then counter attack and take out more tanks.

The Japanese lose 500 men in a failed bombardment phase, then we hit them ourselves.

See, Dutch troops in action. Things are getting interesting now. China and the Philippines are reaching points where I can restart the battles. Taking Mukden will be a big boost, and at Lucina the Japanese lost 450 men when they tried to bombard my men.