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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1224: Operational Report: 13/04/45

The game is still messing with me.

I'm sweeping north with another of my carrier groups, and they draw some fire.

Right into the enemy planes.

I love days like this, the Japanese really lose some planes.

This misses out the raid were we shoot down ten Zero's as well.

We are still causing heavy casualties at Lucena.

We're blockaded again, and I'm working on it again.

Destroyers are hard to hit though, and we manage to land only one bomb.

The bombing raids continue.

The Japanese 91st Division is trying to stop our advance, and has moved out to meet us, but this may be a bad idea for them.

The Japanese have moved planes back into range of Rangoon – thankfully we have fighters there to protect the supply shipping.

That was another turkey shoot day! Which I love. Lets see if they have any more to throw at us tomorrow.