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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1225: Operational Report: 14/04/45

That's better, the subs have been quiet for the last few days.

We hit Sapporo once more.

The Japanese here do better than yesterday.

The Japanese new planes in the area hit Rangoon, most in flaming wreckage.

We don't see as many enemy planes today, but we shoot down the ones we do see.

The raid on Manila is bloody unfortunately.

We continue to advance up Java.

We also annihilate a construction brigade.

We crack a rebuilt layer of forts at Mukden, but take some losses doing so.

Booo! Less planes shot down today, that's not good. The battles in Hokkido are going to take some time – I'm trying to get more forces into position, but that will take time.
Mukden is annoying me.