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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1226: Operational Report: 15/04/45

I move the carriers north to draw out more Japanese planes.

We've not seen Alf's attack before. They seem to die easily.

They do slip some Zero's through in all this and hit the CVL's.

We have another group in the area, who hit a troop ship – men in or out is the question.

The last Japanese fortifications at Lucena collapse.

Its so bad for targets up here we're aiming for motorboats.

Sapporo is burning quit nicely.

We pick off another ship.

Then another.

The Japanese forces at Mukden are below ten thousand, I'm just going to hammer them with my five to one odds until they shatter.

Not a bad number of hits today. Lets have a look at the two hit carriers.

All good!