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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1229: Operational Report: 18/04/45

Looks like they still have some planes here.

With the reinforcements, we begin to hit the Japanese hard at Lucena. This is on top of 300 casualties caused during the Japanese bombardment.

Those destroyers are back it seems. Thankfully its at a base I'm not unloading troops and supplies at.

The bombers go back in, and start hitting Hokodate hard.

Its not quite a firestorm yet, but that's a nice number of fires.

We hold off a poorly lead attack.

Then the Dutch, reinforced by some US forces, make an attack on the armoured unit holding them back. A third of their tanks are taken out, and we can continue to push here.

The Japanese AV is dwindling down to nothing.

So over ten thousand fires still rage at Hokodate, and we're starting to break the Japanese in China and the Philippines. I just need their forces to crack so I can get on with taking the bases. That task force that got attacked is bringing in more troops to support the Lucena attack.