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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 123: Operational Report: 08/04/42

Our cruisers reach Diego Garcia, where they find a troop ship and destroyer.

The Royal Navy ships slam torpedoes and shells into the Japanese ships, and make sure the invasion force has less men to fight when they land.

Its a bad night to be a Japanese destroyer captain it seems. The freighter escapes until morning, when the British ships catch up with her and send her to the bottom.

A raid on Chittagong meets three squadrons of our fighters, and we bring down eight of their planes.

More dud torpedoes.

Another heavy air raid over Soerabaja hits another sub in port.

As someone mentioned before, I try my best to stop this, but when a sub is short on fuel, it often ignores my orders and docks in a danger zone. Also its easy to miss the subs – there are a good number of them, and no easy way to know which one is based where.

Once more the attacking Japanese decide to bombard our forces rather than attack, and Java holds out for another day.

At Port Moersby, we finally manage to bag some of the Helen bombers that have been plaguing us for the last few days.

While our Dive bombers go out and cripple a supply ship.

The enemy attack at Kiukiang, trying to make gains on our failed attack their yesterday.

It doesn't go that well, but seemingly Japanese attacks in China never do.

While most of the fronts were quiet today, our sinking of four ships in the Indian sea make this a good day for us. We also took down a whole load of their planes in the air.

I'm a little confused by the ship list, its gone up by the right amount, but it doesn't tally – while I like seeing the tanker there, neither of the destroyers are on the list. Although the ops report says we've sunk them.