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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1233: Operational Report: 22/04/45

The Japanese continue to strike at our ships unloading reinforcements.

We take down the afternoon raid as well.

This is a rather poor showing.

This is more like it – and a previous raid hit three ships.

Its a bad day to be in Sapporo harbour.

Really? Fifty bombers for 8k fires? The rest of the bombing runs take this to about 30k.

We go back to hitting the harbour.

There are a lot of men defending Tjepoe, but they all seem to be useless. We also have a lot of very good troops here.

We take Samarang without loss, the Japanese AV has dropped since I last checked.

In a good day, we also take Bandjerhermasin after me forgetting I was resting up the troops there.....

Two bases taken today, which is good in the current drought in the advance. I do wish I'd moved some of those men in Java to the Philippines, but at least I will have a good force for the invasion of Singapore when I get around to that.

Glug glug glug.