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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1234: Operational Report: 23/04/45

The first raid of the day does some damage.

There is a smaller raid in between, then we hit them with this.

The Japanese destroyers are back.

The Japanese 91st Division seems to be the only effective force on Hokkaido, and it hits us hard today, causing our men to retreat! Its been a while since this last happened!

With the landed reinforcements comes a closer base of supplies, so I can switch the bombers back to hitting ground targets.

The ground forces at Lucena are winning now, the enemy loses two more units, and they have lost all ability to fight.

Tjepoe falls to our forces today. The enemy losses in material will end their effectiveness as a fighting force here.

Another bad day for the Japanese, another base taken, and the fires are building, getting closer and closer to that magic 100,000!
So of course the base points drop by 300. because this game hates me doing well.