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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1237: Operational Report: 26/04/45

My subs seem to have nothing better to shoot at than destroyers.

The bombers do their work again. Over the course of the day we get the fires up to 15k.

Then this raid goes in and increases the number by ten thousand.

The end of the day see the Aspro get two hits in before being hit herself.

The flak gunners have a good day – Think they brought down more planes than this.

We finally get enough troops into Cotabato to break the enemy there, they take heavy losses and retreat north.

While their numbers have not improved, the Japanese have rebuilt two levels of fort and doubled their AV while our troops have been resting. Today we start taking them down again. This is another of those Chinese meatgrinder battles.
Also notice that we have men across the river to the east, and more cities will begin to fall there.

I clear one of our rail lines of troops who have been sitting on it for months. Its only a cross spur, but it may help supplies move from Rangoon.

Some heavy losses for the Imperial Army today, and our troops can move onwards in some areas. Our base points improve one more, and we're back down below 30k points to win.

And here is the WITP turn - this was my first every video, so its a bit rough.