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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1239: Operational Report: 28/04/45

The Sterlet and a small cargo ship exchange fire.

We hold off an attack on our force unloading at Mauban, and you can see the second wave incoming.

A second wave is dealt with, but not before it gets eyes on the Colorado.

A damaged ship tries to limp into Manila, but we stop her.

Battleship! The Japanese are getting serious about their port raiding.

You fools! Ignore the hard to hit ships! Go for the big one!

The level bombers are back out in force today.

I've got some more B29 squadrons I'm going to try and fly across, but for now, this is a good number of hits.

The 91st Division has moved up and attacks our troops once more. They are all but cut off now, so I'm not worried.

I will finish this battle this month!

A bombardment attack at Mauban shows me I have three times the enemies AV already, before the second wave arrives, so I may try an attack there tomorrow.