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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 124: Operational Report: 09/04/42

It seems that my plan to engage the enemy with our carriers at Wake has worked. A day after they arrive, the Enterprise is attacked by planes, from the number, I instantly assume that there are two carriers, making this an even fight.

While the enemy planes make it through our CAP, they cannot land a hit on any of our planes, and lose six of their number.

When I said a fair fight, I meant that in relative turns, as our attack on their carriers is a little larger than theirs on ours.

With most of their planes out on attack, we sweep their CAP aside, destroying nearly half of the planes, and then rain fire on the Shokaku.

Losing two planes is a good trade for this damage in my opinion.
I seem to have made a blindingly good play here, I have sent the carriers to Wake just before the enemy invasion arrives!

This is going to be a bad day in Tokyo.

The Skipjack is back in the Borneo area.

While it seems that my submarine commanders don't understand the phrase ¿Avoid Soerabaja¿

The ground forces see another day of heavy fighting, but continues to hold out.

The South Pacific has been quiet for a month now, but it seems to be about to get busy again. With my invasion force about to leave for Luganville, the Japanese land forces at Noumea,

I'm now glad I reinforced the defenders here when we first got wind of this invasion, again, over a month ago.

It seems that the Japanese have only sent a company of men though, so this is not that much of a threat to us.

Calcutta is bombed again. I must remember to move some fighters to the city.

The Japanese bombers return to Chittagong, and this time we concentrate on them, we lose two fighters, but take down an entire squadron of bombers.

Kiukiang is assaulted again today, and we take more of a toll on the Japanese forces.

Moving forward and then letting them break their units on ours seems to be very much a viable action.

Look at those plane losses, we lost 12 planes, and they lost 46. We also claim two destroyers. But the main thing I want to point out here is The Japanese score has dropped!.
It may only be 71 points, but its a start.

The Shokaku took two bomb hits,but they were both to the flight deck, which may mean that all of her planes may have had to ditch ¿ if so, then she's undefended and crippled.

I order both carrier groups to sally out from Wake, if we can get her into range, then we may be able to finish her in the night with our cruisers guns, if not, then she should still be in range of our planes.

Either way, I want that bloody carrier on my kill board by the end of tommorow.